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Provide industry on a worldwide basis with quality chemical and environmental engineering services, advanced and emerging process technologies, and regulatory compliance support that optimizes client expenditures and manpower requirements.


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July 27, 2017 Ferrofluids as Catalysts in the Process Industries

This document connects three research subjects concerning ferrofluids, i.e. the synthesis and use of catalytic magnetic colloids, process intensification and ferrofluids in general. Ferrofluids are nano particles of magnetite suspended in an aqueous or oily based substrate. They are made from a mixture of FeCl2, FeCl3 and water. Co-precipitation occurs with the addition of ammonia gas or […]

July 11, 2017 Fluidized Bed Multi-Effect Evaporators in Bio-Ethanol Plants, an Energy Efficient Solution

  In bio-ethanol production, a large portion of a plant’s energy demand is consumed at the rotary dryers where moisture content of wet distiller grains with solubles (WDGS) is reduced to values of around 10%. Using fluidized bed Multi-Effect Evaporators (MEE), instead of conventional forced recirculation evaporators, prior to these dryers allows one to significantly […]

June 23, 2017 Pickering-Emulsion Strategy for Separating & Recycling Nanoparticle Catalysts

Nanoparticle Catalysts Nanoparticle catalysts have extensive surface area/unit volume when compared to traditional catalysts.  This property makes them ideal for use in process intensified reactors such as the Holl-Reactor®. The catalyst mass rate can be dramatically lowered and still achieve high production rates. A Classical Emulsion First we will talk about a classical emulsion that consists of […]


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