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CHEMCAD is designed to work for engineers and with engineers. Our proprietary solutions will allow your firm to work faster with more accurate results.

Process simulation and modeling


CHEMCAD is Chemstations' intuitive suite of chemical process simulation software that broadens an engineer's capabilities and increases productivity. CHEMCAD fits into the engineering environment and supercharges an engineer's efficiency when facing the toughest chemical process models or addressing day-to-day challenges.........


Flammability 2.0
Flammability determination and modeling

chemcad flammability

FLAMMABILITY 2.0 is an add-on Excel spread sheet for ChemCad Dynamics.  Anytime a potential flammable mixture exists in a pipe or duct this package can be used.  The spreadsheet is flexible in that many different flammable chemicals including hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and hydrogen can be used.  As your dynamic model runs you can .......


Library of Research Papers