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CHEMCAD is designed to work for engineers and with engineers. Our proprietary solutions will allow your firm to work faster with more accurate results.

ChemCad Case Studies



Ethanol Plant

Problem:  A major engineering firm received a front end engineering package for a corn ethanol plant from a US technology provider. The engineering firm wanted verification of the material and energy balance for the front end of the plant. This included the saccharification and fermentation sections of the plant.

Solution:  The mass and energy balance was prepared in ChemCad and took into consideration the addition of glucoamylase and alpha amylase for the saccharification of corn starch. Any missing components were created and placed in the model

Client Response:  Costello’s engineers successfully modeled the process and gave us the validation and confidence to go forward with the project. 

Roger  M.

Chemical Plant

Problem:  During the design of a bench scale chemical process.  The client provided the chemistry of the process to Costello’s engineers.  It became apparent very quickly that there were many complex side reactions that had to be included in the ChemCad model for the proposed continuous plant that utilized process intensification.

Solution:  The mass and energy balance was prepared in ChemCad and took into consideration all the side reactions.  Once the bench scale plant was up and running operating data from the bench scale unit provided to Costello’s engineer to correct and improve the model

Client Response:  Costello’s engineers captured the essence of this technology.  Their model was used for the design of the pilot plant which was later awarded to them also.  Ultimately a successful start up of the pilot plant was the result of their efforts.  I was very pleased with the outcome of this project.

John B.

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