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Flammability 2.0

chemcad flammability

What is Flammability 2.0?

Flammability 2.0 is an add-on Excel spread sheet for ChemCad Dynamics.  Anytime a potential flammable mixture exists in a pipe or duct this package can be used.  The spreadsheet is flexible in that many different flammable chemicals including hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and hydrogen can be used.  As your dynamic model runs you can watch a graphic depiction of the flammable envelope showing flammable gas concentration versus the oxygen concentration.  If and when the gas concentration enters the flammable envelope it is clearly shown in real time. This package allows the complete modeling of deflagrations and detonations in refineries, petrochemical, chemical, biofuels and pharmaceutical plants.

Two examples are shown below:

The first example shows a wood being put in a batch treating oven.   It was previously impregnated with hydrocarbons, and an antifungal compound.  Microwaves are applied only when the vacuum pump has pulled down the pressure low enough which really means the oxygen level is below the minimum oxygen of combustion.

The second example shows a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) that has had all safety switches jumpered out.  The unit fails to start three times.  On the third try the natural gas/ oxygen mixture moves into the flammable envelope and the RTO explodes.

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