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Process Design
Based on numerous site assessments, one plant design does not fit every situation. Our engineering services determine exactly what is needed for your facility. Services include process design (front-end engineering design; FEED), trouble-shooting and optimization, feasibility studies, computer simulations, detail design, construction management and startup.

Biofuels Plant Design

biofuel plant design

Welcome to COSTELLO

a leader in cutting edge alternative and renewable energy plant design. As Consulting Process Engineers, we are in the forefront of renewable and alternative energies. We focus our attention on design services in support of alternative energy projects, including biodiesel, biomass gasification and biogas production and purification. To help our clients reach their goals we provide cost effective plant design unparalleled in the industry, offering environmentally sound, low polluting plants that utilize fresh or waste vegetable oils and animal fats as feed stocks for the production of biodiesel. Based on numerous site accessments, one plant design does not fit every situation. Our engineering services determine exactly what is needed for your facility.



Costello provides process engineering design and construction supervision to the chemical and biofuels industries. Our second-generation biodiesel plant known as Bioflexplant SM handles free fatty acids with a solid catalyzed esterification pretreatment unit. Current projects also include biomass gasification and conversion to Fischer-Tropsch synthetic diesel.


Costello provides engineering design of biogas plants that utilize, single stage compression, multi stage compression, amine units, PSA units, siloxane removal, H2S removal and dehydration. Costello has provided engineering services for the largest dairy cattle manure digestion to pipeline grade biomethane in the world.

Gasification and Pyrolysis

Whether you are using biomass, municipal solid waste, tires, plastics or construction debris, Costello can help you produce syngas for processing into methanol, ethanol, Fisher-Tropsch synthetic petroleum, dimethyl ether or gasoline from methanol.

Green Diesel

Green diesel is produced either from hydrotreating or hydrocracking plant oils or animal fats. Green diesel is chemically different from biodiesel. Green diesel has chemical properties identical to petroleum diesel, while biodiesel is not a pure hydrocarbon (it contains oxygen atoms, hence the somewhat different physical properties).

Costello, along with their technology partner Härröd Research AB of Göteborg, Sweden, is offering to partner with companies that are willing to provide capital to modify and run the super critical hydrogenation pilot plant owned by Härröd Research AB.

Once the R&D with the pilot plant is completed a full scale plant could be built. This stand alone technology qualifies for the $1.00 per gallon federal tax rebate.


Costello offers the Fischer-Tropsch process which can produce fuel out of syngas. It also offers a way to recover "stranded" natural gas (resources that would be uneconomical to transport in gaseous form). While diesel fuel is easily produced, the lighter components can be processed into gasoline with substantial refining. Fischer-Tropsch processes are widely used in South Africa to produce liquid fuels from coal. Wax produced from the process can be hydrocracked to maximize production of F-T Diesel.

Sources of syngas include coal, biomass and natural gas. Coal or biomass gasifiers can be coupled with the F-T process as well as auto thermal reformers using natural gas as a feed stock. COSTELLO utilizes the proven F-T technology from Emerging Fuels Technology in their projects. Synthetic diesel from biomass qualifies for the $1.00 per gallon Federal tax rebate whereas synthetic diesel from coal, coal bed methane and natural gas do not.


We also provide front-end engineering design packages for our proprietary biosyngas and syngas purification technology known as COPureSM. This Technology can selectively remove carbon monoxide from syngas and high nitrogen syngas.


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