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Process Safety
services include the investigation of explosions in the Chemical Process Industries and the implementation of design changes, process safety studies and HAZOP reviews.

Hazard Analysis

hazard analysis services

Hazard Analysis Services Provided

Hazards Analysis Using the Guide Word Method

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) studies are the basis for process safety and risk management of highly hazardous process systems. We help companies identify hazard scenarios that could adversely affect people, property, or the environment. Facilities that handle or process hazardous chemicals have a responsibility to protect employees, the public and the environment from exposure to accidental releases of hazardous chemical compounds.

Considering the complexity of today's chemical processes, the challenges involved in facilitating a PHA study, and the potential liabilities from an incident, your best option for completing PHAs may be to seek the assistance of expert specialists. Our HAZOP team has experienced engineers from diverse backgrounds including plant operations and plant design. Our final hazard analysis will meet or exceed federal OSHA standards for workplace safety and health for your company.

Costello uses predictive PHA techniques and methodologies such as Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP), What-If Studies, and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Major Hazard Analysis (MHA). Costello provides a team leader or facilitator to work with a group of people from the facility to conduct the PHA. We document the PHA study findings and prepare a report on the study.

We facilitate both initial PHAs and revalidations of existing PHAs that have been performed at your facility.

We also provide flammability diagrams that have been customized for the chemical compounds or mixtures of chemical compounds found on your plant site.

Other Safety Services

  • Process safety studies for flammability and risk for chemical processes including reactors and distillation columns. This includes computer modeling.

  • Preparation of flammability diagrams for your specific mixture of hydrocarbons and for all combinations of oxygen and the hydrocarbon mixture. We tie this together with ChemCad Dynamics and Flammability 2.0 to recreate explosion scenarios and when one enters the flammable envelope. Please see Flammability 2.0.

  • Equipment surveys, reviews, and process redesign. This includes flashback potential.

  • Diers calculations for sizing rupture disks and relief valves on new and existing reactors, columns and vessels.

  • We also can provide laboratory assistance in determining temperature rate of rise for runaway chemical reactions.

  • We offer complete design of relief valve networks and their related piping systems.

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