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Extraction Systems
Costello designs extraction systems for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Biotechnology Industries.

Advanced Phytonics Extraction Systems

herb extraction


Costello is an engineering company specializing in the development of environmentally benign processes for the chemical industry, including the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, aroma and flavoring sectors. A substantial part of our research and development activities are carried out in collaboration with university departments and research institutes in the US, UK and abroad.

In brief, the “Phytonics” technology concerns the use of non-chlorinated fluoro-hydrocarbons (environmentally friendly refrigerant gases) as viable alternatives to conventional organic solvents and supercritical carbon dioxide. A range of these solvents have been developed and are known as Phytosols. They have many environmental and economic attributes, which makes them preferable to conventional organic solvents in a variety of applications.


Advantages Over Organic Solvents

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-corrosive

  • Odorless

  • Inert

  • Highly selective

  • Easily modifiable by the addition of co-solvents

  • Requires low pressure for liquefaction and minimal heat input for evaporation

  • Readily recyclable in situ, eliminates the need for solvent recovery

  • Low boiling point means no thermal degradation or loss of volatile compounds during isolation

Advantages Over Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

  • Equipment engineering costs for the high pressure equipment required for the application of CO2, as a solvent is substantial. This major drawback restricts the use of carbon dioxide to small scale and high value end products. Phytosols on the other hand require much lower pressures for liquefaction, for example, tetrafluoro ethane liquefies at 75 psig while CO2 is only useful as a solvent at pressures well in excess of 1,500 psig.

  • Low working pressures also mean low operating costs.

  • Unlike CO2, Phytosols are inert and do not form an acid in the presence of moisture. This widens the scope of applications to include many pharmaceutical products that are pH sensitive. A good example of this is clavulanic acid.

We have successfully extracted aromatic flavor and active principles from many materials including:


Agar (Wood powder)

Fennel (Seed)


Ajowain Garom

Fenugreek (Seed)


Ani Seed

Fig Leaves

Mineral Oils

Annatto (Seed)

Fresh Basil

Neem (Azadirachta Indica Seed)

Artemisia Annua

Fresh Parsley

Nettle Leaf


Fresh Thyme

Orange Peel

Bay (Dry Leaves)

Garlic (Minced)

Orange Residues


Ginger (Dry Root)

Orris Root

Black Mustard (Seed)

Gingko Biloba (Leaf)


Black Pepper (Ground) 

Ginseng Root Extract


Black Tea (Dry Leaf)

Grapefruit (Residue & Concentrate

Poppy Seeds

Cardamom (Seed)

Green Bell Pepper

Pyrethrum (Flowers & Seeds)

Cardamom (Shell)


Pyrethrum (Oleo-Resin)

Cassia (Bark)

Hop Pellets "Wye Target"

Quararibea Funebris


Jasmine Concrete

Roses (Whole Fresh)

Celery (Seed)

Juniperis Communis L.



Kalonji Nigella


Chilli (Seed)

Kashmiri Sounff

Sandalwood (Powder)

Chilli (Whole Pod)

Kaua Piper

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens)

Cinamon (Bark Powder)

Methysticum Root

Suma Root

Cloves (Ground Buds)

Kaua Pip. Leaf


Cocoa (Powder)


Tobacco Leaves

Coffee (Arabica Roasted/ Ground)

Augustiflora Hill


Coleus Aromaticus

Lemon geranium

Turmeric (Dry Powder)

Coriander (Seed)

Lemon Residues

Turmeric Root Fresh

Coriander (Fresh)

Lime Residues

Whey Powder

Dill (Seed)

Lipia Citriodora

White Pepper

Elder Berries

Lovage Seed

Yarrow (Fresh Herb)



Yew Nettles



Please call for further information

R.C. Costello & Assoc., Inc.
1611 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 302
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Tel: (310) 792-5870, Fax: (310) 792-5877
E-MAIL: rcca[at]

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