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Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuel plants designed by seasoned engineers, using the latest gas to liquids technology. Our engineering services determine exactly what is needed for your facility.


fischer-tropsch process design

COSTELLO custom designs Fischer-Tropsch process plants, which produces fuel out of syngas. It also offers a way to recover "stranded" natural gas (resources that would be uneconomical to transport in gaseous form). While diesel fuel is easily produced, the lighter components can be processed into gasoline with substantial refining. Fischer-Tropsch processes are widely used in South Africa to produce liquid fuels from coal. Wax produced from the process can be hydrocracked to maximize production of F-T Diesel. We are a leader in Fischer-Tropsch chemical plant engineering.

Sources of syngas include coal, biomass and natural gas. Coal or biomass gasifiers can be coupled with the F-T process as well as auto thermal reformers using natural gas as a feed stock. COSTELLO utilizes the proven F-T technology from Emerging Fuels Technology in their projects. Synthetic diesel from biomass qualifies for the $1.00 per gallon Federal tax rebate whereas synthetic diesel from coal, coal bed methane and natural gas do not.



The Return of a Classic to Fuel Production

Biomass Derived Syngas

Development of the Modern Fischer-Tropsch Process

Green Diesel from Biomass via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Fischer-Tropsch Reactor Fed by Syngas














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